I am a creative professional who has extensive experience in graphic design and animation. I design for web, print, TV Broadcast & video. I have worked for corporate America, the United States government, post-production, large market TV stations, major ad agencies, and independent producers. After working on staff for a number of years, I have been successfully working as a contractor/freelancer for about 10 years. I have held two secret clearances with the U.S.

Department of Defense.


I work very well as a team member or independently. I am a self-starter, self-motivated, goal and deadline focused.

I have a great deal of client-management experience. I enjoy the challenges of the creative process as well as the clients themselves. I possess a strong work ethic and integrity. I am committed to my clients' satisfaction by meeting or exceeding their expectations. And I am necessarily tenacious about delivering their project completed on time and within budget.


My portfolio contains samples of my work in web design, some of which are Flash websites. There are print pieces that range from posters, package design, CD covers to a car wrap design. I have included a few examples of my logo design work as well. Much of my work incorporates rich color. I also can and do design pieces that have more subtle, muted color palettes.

A great deal of corporate work that I have produced contains more conservative color schemes.


This portfolio is a small representation of my work but it is a varied sampling. As my portfolio reveals, I have designed in various styles from modern to southwestern, playful to retro, patriotic to broadcast. Some of my work is heavy in graphic design; others are illustrations, photo manipulations and compositing. I also have produced work for sports broadcast.


As shown on one of my web portfolio pieces called “Eye Candy”, I enjoy working with fractal design. I have a good size

body of work in fractal design that has led to some very interesting iPhone, iPod, and iPad cases. In working with fractals, color is half of the equation.


Thank you for reviewing my portfolio. Feel free to contact me.